Are you properly securing user profiles on Exchange and Active DirectoryDoes your workforce ever leak sensitive data via OneDrive or SharePointMost organizations aren't sure.

What to expect:

  • Guidance on the Microsoft features and tools that help improve your Office 365 security posture
  • A comprehensive review of your current security and
    compliance status
  • Immediate insight on risky activities detected within your environment
  • Review of best practices and potential next steps that can ensure your environment stays secure and compliant

  • A user and data protection health check for SharePoint, OneDrive, 
    Exchange, Active Directory and more

Clear the view with an expert-led 
O365 security assessment. 

  • Immediate insight into risky activities
  • A comprehensive review of your current O365 security environment
  • A user and data security health check for SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, Active Directory, and more
  • Guidance on the features and tools that could help improve your security posture
  • Review of best practices and a road map for moving forward

What to expect:

Office 365 Security Assessment

O365 Security Assessment time frames and outcomes:

More Details

A typical Spyglass Office 365 Security Baseline Assessment is completed within just a few short days.


We  handle everything. Your team only needs to grant us access to your Office 365 tenant.

We’ll review the results with you in-person and discuss potential next steps.

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Security Assessment

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A 3-Day Engagement for Qualifying Organizations

Office 365 

Security Assessment

A 3-day engagement for qualifying organizations

Office 365 is a great step toward creating a modern workplace, but often the security dashboards, options and settings within Office 365 can be overwhelming.

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