This assessment provides:

  • Insight to the security tools you aren't yet leveraging
  • A comprehensive review of your current environment
  • Immediate insight on risky activities

  • A user and data security health check for O365, Windows 10, and more

Clear your view with an expert-led, 
3-day security assessment.  

  • Guidance on the security tools you can already access, but aren't leveraging
  • A comprehensive review of your current security environment
  • Immediate insight to risky activities
  • Review of best practices and a road map for moving forward
  • Review of best practices and potential next steps 
  • A user and data security health check

What you get:

Modern Workplace Security Saver

Security assessment time frames and outcomes:

More Details

A typical Spyglass Security Assessment is completed within just a few short days.


Our team of experts will evaluate your most vulnerable platforms for red flags and untapped security strengths.

We’ll review the results with you in-person and discuss potential next steps.

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A 3-Day Security Assessment for Qualifying Organizations

Modern Workplace Security Saver

A 3-day assessment for qualifying organizations

Platforms like Office 365 enable your modern workplace, but cloud-based and mobile activity can complicate security management. We're here to help you stay modern - without putting sensitive data or user identities at risk.

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